Tried and Tested: The Reality Dreams Hydrophobic T-Shirt

I am in the midst of trying out a hydrophobic t-shirt by Reality Dreams. A hydro-what? Sounds all techie doesn’t it? Well, this t-shirt looks like any other regular t-shirt bar the ‘Blackout’ applied design and a touch of raw edge detailing. However, thanks to an exclusive treatment with REP-L fabric formula, the aforementioned t-shirt can now arrive fully stain-proof.

Here’s the science; nanoparticles enter the microscopic natural pores and capillaries of the fabric surface, smoothing out tiny imperfections and covalently bonding to the substrate material (in this case Reality Dreams garments), to create a hydrophobic, highly protective, long lasting barrier, which is durable, non-invasive and protects against damage caused by water, pollution, UV, dirt and fouling. And if you are anything like me that’s a very big bonus when you are wearing a white tee whilst chomping through your favourite tomato based meal!

So, how does it feel? Pretty much the same as most other tee’s, you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference and so far the fabric feels soft and breathable.

Does it work? Tell anyone about this stain-proof wonder and you’re left very vulnerable to food and drink abuse. Thus far tomato sauce has been rinsed off with water and red wine just glides off like it’s spilling onto plastic. The next test: a sweaty night out in a festival dance tent followed by some wash cycles in the machine. So far so good.

All Reality Dreams products can be bought with the hydrophobic option for an additional fee. To view and buy go to: