The In-Betweeners

There’s no doubt you can have a lot of fun with frivolous summer fashion but often it can be all too brief. Living in the UK often requires what I call “in-between fashion”, for those cloudy days where it might rain and not feel so warm in a spaghetti strap top and floaty skirt. And while I love nothing more than getting my toes out in a pair of strappy sandals, wet feet sliding and squelching in open-toed attire is an uncomfortable look. For days like these I reach for a pair of trainers and these Honey Lo Quilt trainers from Adidas Originals are just the ticket when layering up on summer dressing. The canvas upper ensures that your toes stay dry and your feet remain cool and the pale grey shade guarantees that you can mix and match with ease.

I got mine from £47.00