Colouring In Vogue Style

You’d have to be living in a cave in the middle of the wilderness not to notice the current surge in colouring-in books for adults. Everything from Secret Garden to Colour Me Calm has gained a global following with adults de-stressing felt-tip in hand.

Award-winning writer, fashion editor, curator and Royal College of Art Professor, Iain R Webb is about to open up the colouring craze to a fashion audience with the first colouring book from Vogue – genius. Which begs the question why hasn’t it been done before?

The Vogue Colouring Book features hand-drawn artworks inspired by iconic images from British Vogue in the 1950s - an era of hats and matching gloves, haughty elegance and hourglass silhouettes. Alongside a glamorous dream wardrobe of luxurious ballgowns and soigné cocktail dresses, smart suits and dramatic accessories by key designers including Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Chanel. The accompanying captions offer fashion and style tips (often highly amusing in hindsight) and are taken from the original pages of the style bible.

The c90 artworks can be coloured-in or embellished with whatever colours and patterns that takes the reader's fancy. On sale from the 5th November just in time for Vogue's centenary celebrations in 2016, which begin with a major exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

Psychologists suggest that when we focus on the activity of colouring, it calms the mind and takes our focus away from worries, whilst stimulating motor skills, senses and creativity. And now with fashion in the mix the world of colouring-in will entice the therapy to an extended audience.

Vogue Colouring Book by Iain R Webb is out in paperback on 5th November 2015. are offering a pre-order service retailing the book at £10-