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The new international platform minimises risks for physical stores - and helps designers get closer to customers.

Traditionally it isn’t easy for fashion designers to get their products placed in the stores that correspond with their image. For stores the challenge is that it is time-consuming and associated with financial risk to discover new brands, try them out on the shelves, and see how they work - simply because there is always capital invested in new inventory.

This is all changing with the Danish SpaceRebel’s new online market place. SpaceRebel provides rental of store space for shorter and longer periods, thereby removing these traditional barriers. Pre-launch of the site on September 1, saw more than 1,300 companies signed up to From day one it is possible to rent out shelves, window spaces and more in Copenhagen, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.

Airbnb for stores!

“SpaceRebel is a kind of Airbnb for stores, and we are very proud that early interest has been so great. This is a clear sign that we’ve found a space in the market that has not yet been covered,” says Thomas Weikop, CEO at

Behind is the Danish fashion company MyTrnd Ltd. Which already collaborates with 3,300 fashion brands worldwide. The board of MyTrnd includes Cecilie Christensen, ELLE Denmark, Thomas Klausen, Director at Dansk Fashion & Textile, and Margrethe Dal Lehrmann, Sales Director at Magasin du Nord.

Thomas Weikop explains that the business model of is simple: mediates relations between designers and stores, and takes five percent of the agreed rental amount. also provides comprehensive insurance coverage.

“We’ve chosen to include insurance in the price, because it gives designers an extra sense of security when they have to send goods to new stores and new markets,” says Thomas Weikop.

 Benefits for both stores and designers.

Thomas Weikop emphasises that the model provides benefits to both stores and designers. The store can try out new products without any risk. It brings life to a store having new designers, and they will not have to tie up money in inventory that only lasts for a short season.

Meanwhile the designer gains the opportunity to try out new  stores and markets. 
Both store owners and designers are excited about the new business model.

Lucy Tammam is Creative Director at Tammam in Bloomsbury. She says: “I heard about through a friend and I think it’s a fantastic idea, the world needs something like this right now. We do have a space we would like to fill, and hopefully SpaceRebel can help us with that.”

Designer Helga Lilja Magnúsdóttir emphasises that can help provide a picture of the way her products will be received in the market:

"For a company like mine it is hard to work out which stores are best suited to my brand - and will have it on the shelves. will help me figure it out."

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